Vacation in Vietnam


Dear travellers, our thai company Royal Cottage Residence Ltd. resident on Koh Samui island with the Czech english speaking management is offering you extension of our services in the Vietnamese socialistic republic. We introduce you proof places with perfect service of hotels, transfers, delegates in russian and english language.

On our web sites every fold has own separate order. You can combine the offers so we can take you to the places in mountains in northern Vietnam, show you the cities and ensure a program on beautiful south islands.

Our offer is arranged for you in a way that you can have a rest on marvellous beaches of Thailand and that you see all what you are interested in. We recommend to you sequent fly to Vietnam from Bangkok. The flight ticket is not expensive (we provide all) and you are in one hour and half on a place. Vietnam is evidently quite different than Thailand, so it makes sense to discover two beautiful countries within one travel. Our perfect services will go with you everywhere.

The reasons why you should choose our company:
  • We have had 5 successful seasons with satisfied clients.
  • We make service of high quality in english and our delegates live in Asia permanently, they are at home there and know their new home very well.
  • We ensure the program according to your wishes including flying tickets, visa requirement, vouchers and we make an itinerary of your holiday.
  • We have been checked up by Czech travel agencies, clients themselves, by embassy of The Czech Republic in Bangkok as well..
  • We love our job.

We wish you pleasant planning of you vacation and we are looking forward to meet you on your travelling.