Hanoi - welcome to the city in the river

Our company offers to you an exclusive look of the capital city of Vietnam and therewith linked trips of course. The city himself enchants surely every travellers, you experience unbelievable contrasts, whether you will paddle through the streets of an old section, set off to a trip xichlo (three-wheeler with chauffeur), or visit some of many museums. Certainly you do not forgo absolutely brilliant culinary art, which combines with Chinese and Malay cooking.

There is quite a big feeling of the socialism, people smile less then for example in Thailand. The rush dominates there but, the vernacular talk to each other just so on the street, in the restaurant?or wherever and they glorify the conquest above all. You will see old beautiful boulevards lined with French style of the beginning of last century, and there is sometimes an unsightly building of socialistic style and herewith contrast of modern design.

Whereas local vehicles go by low-class petrol, whole Hanoi is contaminated by smog. Most people use a mouth-screen on the motorcycles or bicycles.

Restaurants, cafés and very rare bars close at 24 o'clock, so night life ends by midnight. Omnipresent policemen supervise this order so that, some policemen come to the bar at 22 o?clock and they take care all is decorous in the mind of socialistic propaganda. It is not necessary to keep sitting in bar, it is requisite to work for their mother land. Most people take these mottos seriously and we cannot much wonder if we fancy that wars and fights last 70 years last century. Vietnamese love their independence and they are rightly proud of it. Security situation in Hanoi is very good, just pay attention of pocket thieves. Do not leave valuable things in the hotel safe.


Arrival to the airport in Hanoi, transfer to luxury boutique hotel Maison, which is just in heart of old town, check-in, sightseeing of old town, second day the sightseeing of town, Museum of national minorities, lake, pagodas etc. (if the arrival is in morning hours, it is possible to make sightseeing on the first day).

Departure to Halong bay is on the following day after breakfast. On the way naturally stop to refreshment, after lunch arrival to Halong bay, accommodation in luxury cabins with own foul territory. After that putting to sea follows. Boating through marvellous natural sceneries lasts two nights as a whole. Delicious menu is provided, same as chosen offer of vines. This program is for sophisticated clientele, very suitable as a work present for friendly company. After the finish of program on Halong bay there is a transfer to Hanoi, hotel or airport.